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Welcome to the Baseball Press Redesign


It's time for the Baseball Press Redesign.

Image courtesy of USA Today Sports Images

Baseball Press will be 10 years old when next season rolls around. In 2009, two friends had an idea to start a baseball website because both played fantasy baseball, and had a difficult time finding reliable fantasy baseball information. Fast forward to 2018, we've decided it was time to redesign some aspects of the website, while adding some additional functionality based on feedback from you, the users.

In addition to a lot of cosmetic changes, here are a few highlights of the new additions:

My Lineup 
Now supports multiple teams. If you've used the My Lineup feature in the past, you could only have "one team". Now, you can have multiple teams, making it much easier to track all your leagues and players.

Injuries Page
Displays everything you have ever wanted to know about injuries. You'll see an estimated time on how long the player will be out, the injury, notes and much more. You can filter by league and team.

FAQ Page
Hopefully this page will answer a lot of questions you have about what the website offers. If not, you can always contact us.

Mobile Website
The website is fully functional on any mobile device. We realize that most users live on a cellphone, so we wanted to make sure every aspect of the website was fully functional on both the mobile and desktop version. Users can even create a shortcut to their mobile home-screen and have the website act as a fancy app.

Future Additions
Between now and the start of the 2019 season, we plan on adding additional data points - specifically related to lineup information. Some of those data points include umpire, weather and stadium information. Stay tuned for those updates.

As has been our goal over the years, we wanted to keep the website fast, reliable and clean. We believe we are achieving each of those goals every day, and especially with the website redesign.

As we begin our tenth season, I want to thank everyone who has helped with the website over the years. Furthermore, thank you to all the visitors and regular visitors to the site. This is for you, us and everyone else who loves fantasy baseball.